The MyPDConnect Advantage

The MyPDConnect advantage vs the common solutions such as CopLogic and PoliceToCitizen!

MyPDConnect CopLogic PoliceToCitizen
Online Reporting
File reports online
CJIS Compliant
Complies with CJIS requirements
Mobile First
Designed with Mobile Devices in mind as a priority
Upload Pictures AND Video
Reporter can upload unlimited Pictures AND Video
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Scheduled Phone Calls
Reporter can schedule Phone Call with officer
- -
Scheduled Zoom Meetings
Reporter can schedule Zoom Meeting with officer
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Built-In HeatMaps
Analyze reports using interactive HeatMap
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Satisfaction Surveys
Keep a pulse on effectiveness
- -
Language Translation
Uses Google Translate to provide support for over 100 languages
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Fully Customizable Forms
Build forms exactly how you want
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